Kicking Off Fabulous Fridays

Today is our first official Fabulous Friday! Mom and I are just back from our annual Black Friday shop-a-thon. This year we started at midnight and shopped through the night until 9:30 am. As usual, the kids made out like bandits. I bought a pair of those toning sneakers, so that means I’ll have to revive my defunct fitness plan and start walking again.

And now, on to the review! This Fabulous Friday review is of a very popular book at our house. Let me introduce you to our Panel of Experts. (I’m not comfortable putting my ‘honorary’ nieces’ names on my blog, so I’m going to use their nicknames.) Muffin is 7 1/2 years old, please remember the ½. She is just beginning to explore chapter books, but still loves to be read to from picture books. Cupcake is 4 years old. She can’t read yet, but is wicked good at memorizing books and ‘reading’ them back to you. They will be weighing in at the end of the post.

Title: Parts

Author: Tedd Arnold

Publisher: The Penguin Group (Puffin Books)

Length: 32 pages

Ages: 3-8

Parts is the story of a boy who is falling apart. Literally, it seems. His problems start when he combs his hair and discovers some strands left in the comb. Could he be going bald at five? Then he finds some mystery fuzz in his bellybutton. Is his stuffing coming out? The comic misadventures continue for the unnamed little guy until he works himself into a frenzy of worry. “The glue that holds our parts together isn’t holding me!” he frets.

I appreciate the way the story builds kid-friendly suspense without actually scaring them into wondering if they, too, will come apart. The writing is simple enough for a younger child to easily follow the story, while older children will enjoy it also, if for no other reason than the slight gross-out factor. (Think boogers and brains on the floor.) The illustrations are detailed and really compliment the story. (I like his little superhero action figure that keeps popping up.) And the lesson that certain bodily functions are normal is gently presented. Look for the bonus lesson that parents are not always perfect in their parenting skills.

If you enjoy this book, there is a sequel called More Parts that deals with common phrases that can easily be misconstrued by a little one, like “I’ll lend you a hand.”

What the Panel of Experts Thought

Muffin enjoyed the book, although she loftily told me she knew all along what was happening. Cupcake was laughing so hard, she couldn’t give an opinion. I took it as a success when it became the bedtime book of choice three weeks running.

So, what kids’ books do you find yourself reading over and over?

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