Grilled Cheese, Please

Title: Grilled Cheese, Please

Author: Laura Werlin

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC

Pages: 158

Genre: Cookbook

Mmmm, grilled cheese. What could be more homey and comforting? In this new cookbook by Laura Werlin, the humble grilled cheese sandwich is taken far beyond it’s Wonder-bread-and-American-cheese roots. From breakfast (Monte Cristo Sandwich) to dessert (The Sweetest Thing), from North (Philly Cheese Steak) to South (Pimento Grilled Cheese), from East Coast (The Vermonter) to West Coast (The Californian), all manner of grilled cheese is covered here.

The first section of the book could have been labeled Grilled Cheese 101. The basics of the sandwich are covered here, including choosing the right bread and maintaining the right temperature. Who knew that you should grate your cheese for maximum meltage? Werlin encourages the use of a sandwich maker for many of the recipes, so if you have one in your kitchen, this book is for you.

There are so many tasty recipes in this book to talk about, but my favorites are the Sweet-Tart Cheddar and Chorizo, with yummy Braeburn apples; the Creamy, Cheesy, and Smoky Croissant, made with, mmmm, Brie (notice I keep saying “Mmmm”); and above all, the Cuban, complete with recipe for Cuban roast pork. And, while I could never eat one because my doctor would have a cow, the Cheesus Burger intrigues me. It’s a 1/3 pound hamburger between two grilled cheese sandwiches. That is both delicious and disturbing.

This is a specialty cookbook, so it probably won’t see daily use. But if you enjoy grilled cheese and want to get a little creative with it, this book is worth investing in.

Note: I received an electronic galley of this book for reviewing purposes. The book will be published on 03/08/2011.

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