What a Fabulous Friday!

It’s truly a Fabulous Friday here in North Florida.  The sun is shining, there’s not a cloud in the sky, and it’s 63 degrees.  Perfect!  Let’s get down to this week’s children’s book review.

Title: Big Bouffant

Author: Kate Hosford

Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group

Pages: 32

Ages: 3-8

On the first day of school, Annabelle looks around her classroom in disappointment at the proliferation of ponytails and braids worn by her classmates. No one does anything original with their hair! So she sets out to find a style that will set her apart from the crowd.

Annabelle’s mother suggests several hairdos. “How about a bob or an elegant bun?” But for Annabelle, only one ‘do will do- a big, beautiful bouffant, one like her grandma wore in a picture she found. The rest of the story covers Annabelle’s quest for the perfect bouffant and the reaction it gets at school.

I found this book entertaining and engaging. My 4-year-old Cupcake enjoyed it, too. Her appraisal was: “I liked it. I liked it when she wore her big, silly hair to school.” I did have to explain a couple of words to her, one of them being bouffant itself. (She also didn’t know what sneering was.) But the story was simple enough for her to follow along and comprehend what was going on. I was not able to get a slightly older take on this book, as Muffin was in school the day we read it. I would recommend this book just for the fun of it, but especially for lower-grade schoolgirls who are struggling to find a balance between being ‘normal’ and defining their own sense of style.

Note: I received an electronic galley of this book from the publisher for reviewing purposes. It will be released on 04/01/2011.

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