Fabulous Friday Once Again!

Title: Petunia Pepper’s Picture Day

Author: Cathy Breisacher

Publisher: Warner Press

Pages: 32

Ages: 4-8

Poor Petunia Pepper. Every year, her school picture turns out perfectly awful. This year she is determined to have a picture that everyone wants a copy of. She starts out looking nice in a purple dress with a matching bow. But the Fates conspire against her- anything and everything that could ruin her picture happens. Missing the school bus, rain, and a collision with a hot dog cart make it seem that her picture will surely be a bust. Petunia is up to the challenge, however, and her story takes a turn for the better when she rescues a poodle caught in traffic.

This was a cute story, teaching kids that sometimes the best laid plans will go astray, but usually things work out anyway. It was well illustrated and the storyline kept moving without bogging down. I must give one caution, though. At the end of the book, there is a page entitled “Take Time Out for God’s Word” that quotes a few Bible scriptures and gives the message that God loves you just the way you are. There is no indication in the story that this is a Christian-oriented book, so this page at the end came as a surprise. If the message does not fit in with what you are teaching your child, it can easily be removed from the book and no one would be the wiser.

Now, what did my Panel of Experts think of it? Muffin, characteristically, had quite a bit to say. “She didn’t like her old school pictures, so she decided to make this picture perfect. But her dress got all messed up and she had ketchup on it. And then the old lady lost her poodle, so Petunia had to rescue it. I liked when she rescued the poodle because I’ve never seen somebody rescue a dog in the street, so it entertained me.” (Wow- I’ve got a future book reviewer on my hands!) Cupcake was a little more succinct. “It was a good story. I like the picture where her hair was puffed up. Puffy hair is funny.” I have to agree- it was a good story and puffy hair is funny!

Note: I received an electronic galley of this book from the publisher for reviewing purposes. It was released on 07/01/2010.

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