Welcome to The Average Jane!

My name is Suzanne and I love books. (Lots & lots of books!) I don’t have a degree in literature and I am not in the publishing industry, although I do write for fun and sanity. I really am just your Average Jane. So why should you read my reviews? Because I will give you the real low-down on a book. No hype, no buzz, no pretentious critiques.

Chances are you lead a busy life with many responsibilities and a demanding schedule. You don’t want to waste your precious free time on a boring book. That’s where I come in. I’ll give you a brief summary of each book, with no spoilers, so you know what you’re getting into. Then I’ll let you know if it’s worth your time and effort. I’ll focus mainly on fiction, covering both popular titles and maybe some that haven’t hit the mainstream yet. Occasionally, I’ll throw in a worthy non-fiction book, mostly biographies and cookbooks. A recurring special feature will be Fabulous Fridays, when I will discuss children’s books. On Fabulous Fridays I’ll be assisted by my ‘honorary’ nieces, ages 4 and 7, who are indeed fabulous!

Here are a few fun facts about me, so that we can get to know each other better.

Things I Love

Children’s laughter; salted caramels; clean sheets; Netflix; my popcorn-loving dog.

Things I Hate

Reclining movie theater seats; racism; okra; washing dishes; Southern stereotypes.

Albums I’m Listening to Now

Hemingway’s Whiskey- Kenny Chesney

Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack

Movies I’ve Seen 264 Times

All About Eve, The Philadelphia Story, An Affair to Remember, The Sound of Music

Sexiest Man Alive

Richard Armitage

Woman Whose Skills I Want

Dorie Greenspan

Charities I Support

www.humanesociety.org www.cancer.org www.diabetes.org

Family Traditions

Black Friday shopping with Mom; yearly viewing of the Anne of Green Gables trilogy; spontaneous day-trips to Apalachicola or Destin (Florida).

How I Spend My Free Time

Reading (natch!); sewing; quality time with the family; cooking & baking; trying to work my MP3 player.

And what would a book blog be without….

Authors I Love to Love

Jane Austen (without the zombies, thank you!); Kristin Hannah; Kate Morton; Louisa May Alcott; John Grisham; William Shakespeare (Francis Bacon? Christopher Marlowe?); Carlos Ruiz Zafon; Clive Cussler; Anne George

My Top 5 Fiction Books (This week!)

1. Pride & Prejudice; 2. The Forgotten Garden (K. Morton); 3. Southern Sisters Mysteries (A. George); 4. Much Ado About Nothing; 5. Memoirs of a Geisha (A Golden)

My Top 5 Children’s Books

1. The Monster at the End of This Book; 2. Skippyjon Jones (J. Schachner); 3. Henry & the Buccaneer Bunnies (C. Crimi); 4. Today I Feel Silly (J.L. Curtis); 5. Parts (T. Arnold)

Whew!  That was a lot about me.  Now I want to hear from you.  Leave me a comment and introduce yourself.  Be sure to tell me your favorite authors- you never know when they’ll show up on The Average Jane.

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